Monday, December 15, 2008

Guitar Lapbook

After a friend introduced Kid#1 to Guitar Hero (much to my disappointment:)), he has been very interested in all types of guitars. Since this is all I hear about daily, I decided why not let him learn about guitars instead of just talking about them all of the time!

First, I made a list of all of the different aspects of guitars and tried to find information about them on the Internet. I found some great sites with lots of information: and Secondly, as you can see, I made sections on the history of guitars (who?what?), the guitar family (wheel), guitar vocabulary (shutterfold), Electric vs. Acoustic (Venn diagram), How to play guitar chords and Famous guitarists (graduated book), diagram of guitar parts, and descriptions of the different categories of guitars (large matchbooks). To indulge my brillant engineer hubby, I included the physics of the guitar!:) All of the templates I got off of
The blackened guitar images I copied from

Needless to say, Kid #1 was thrilled beyond words and I don't even have to push him to look up all of the information to fill in the books. He wants to do it!:) Praise the Lord!


Anonymous said...

Wow, what an awesome idea! Great work.

Kela said...

You have made my day. My 13 y/o daughter is so into guitars right now. This will be a great way for her to express herself.

Pamela said...

Oh ~ I love this lapbook, too! Awesome!

Ladues of the North said...

WOuld you be able to share any of these files with me? My 12 yr old wants to make a guitar lapbook so bad. I am trying to get all their work sorted out for them for the next two months as we are going to be moving so If I can save any work it would be awesome.
God Bless

2walkwisely said...

I have the files in Microsoft OneNote. email me @