Thursday, January 8, 2009

Safari Lapbook

My youngest child is wild about animals. His primary interest is in the animals from Africa. While I was trying to create the different lapbooks for my other kids, he wanted one for himself. After some thought, he decided that he wanted a "Safari Lapbook". Well, I wasn't sure what that exactly was but I tried to put together a little something that could pass as a safari lapbook.

Since most of the animals that he is interested in reside in Africa, I first started with a map of Africa with each country defined. I got this map from a Google images search of "map of Africa". My original concept was to have the map of Africa in the middle and have a pocket for various countries that held some of the animals found in those countries. I thought for a while about how to arrange the file folders to accommodate such a large space and then decided to make use of that extra poster board in the closet!:)

When you open the lapbook I wanted to have something where we could talk about how you get to Africa. I wanted to make sure he understood that it is not down the street!:) I used a lapbook template from Homeschoolshare
and Google images for the clip art safari guide.

After further opening the book, you will find a T book where we highlighted the "big five" animals found in Africa. Again I used a template for the book from Homeschoolshare and Google images for the pictures of the animals. Son #3 cut and pasted these in place. I had fun making the little road for this section. Silly, I know, because I am not sure there is actually black top roads in the safari but it is cute in the book! I used actual street signs from Africa for the street signs along the road. Again, Google images helped me out there.

Now for the main part- when the lapbook is fully opened you can see the map of Africa and the large matchbooks for the various countries. No rhyme or reason for my selection of the countries. Many I chose them so that I could spread them out around the map. I used a couple of great sites for the animal images. Majority of them were from the country I was focusing on for that matchbook.

Ultimately, my goal is for Son #3 to write about each animal on the back of their card. Hopefully, as we continue in our geography studies, we can add more animals and maybe more countries.


Anonymous said...

All your lapbooks are wonderful !! Beautiful job.
Donna in PA

Anonymous said...

Lovely! I think they're great.
Sheila in Canada

Rhonda said...

I LOVED the Safari lapbook. That is totally awesome. My daughter is standing here with me looking at it and her words were, "I want to do that, Mama." Great job!


Anonymous said...

Very cool lapbooks! I like the creative approach to the Safari lapbook! The grammar one is great too. Hmm . . . I may pop back here and try to create something similar for my little one. :0) Thanks for sharing!

reeskls561 said...

I have been reading your blog about the football lapbook and now the 2 most recent ones.I am wondering if you can tell me how you type in the templates from homeschoolshare.I am not comp.savy so I have no idea how to do that.I tried to make the football lapbook but I have no way to type in my own ideas.I would really appreciate any help that you could give.Kristin

2walkwisely said...

I click ont he template I want and then the print button. It then takes me to my Microsoft OneNote and there I can type on it and then print. If this doesn't work for you, I would do the old cut and paste. Not picture perfect but gets the job done!:)

reeskls561 said...

Thank you for responding.I appreciate it.I am going to give it a try.Kristin

Pamela said...

Hi! I love your lapbooks, especially how you connected the animals to the map! Do you mind if I link to your Safari page from my Animal wiki page at Lapbook Lessons? Many moms would probably love to see it. Thank you for sharing it. :)