Tuesday, August 25, 2009

DSi compared to the PSP

Video games are very popular today, especially the hand held systems. When it comes to hand held gaming there are two very popular systems, the DSi and the PSP. They’re both very good systems. The DSi and the PSP are very similar gaming systems but they have some differences.

The things that you can do with the DSi and the PSP are very similar. The DSi and the PSP both have very good video games. You can also game share, which means you can share games with your friends, with both of the systems. Also you can listen to music if you have a SD card for the DSi or a memory stick for the PSP. They both can go online and go to their shops where you can by more video games at the DSi shop or the PSP shop. Also, these systems can go online with Wi-Fi connection and surf the web. They both work great. Last, but not least, you can also update the systems every few months.

On the other hand, the DSi and the PSP also have some differences. The DSi can take pictures with its built in camera, but with the PSP you can only view pictures. The DSi games are mostly E for everyone but the PSP games are mostly T for teen and M for mature adults. With the DSi you can record your voice for up to ten seconds but with the PSP you can not. Also, the PSP can watch movies but the DSi does not allow this feature. The DSi has more action games, but the PSP has more shooter games.

It is hard to decide between a DSi and a PSP because they have a lot of similar things, but some things are different. If you are more interested in E games and characters like Mario and Nintendo characters then the DSi is right for you; but, if you don’t like E games and like movies the PSP is right for you. The decision between the two systems should be based on what you feel is most important.

written by Kid #1

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

United States Travel Guide

Boy! The summer was too short!:) Of course, I have been playing and planning.:) We are off to travel the United States of America!

I found this great Yahoo group called Postcardkids. Once you join you can swap postcards with other home school families from around the US or the world. It is a lot of fun! We have almost all of the states in the US and for our geography lesson in school the kids are making a United States Travel Guide.

I made a sheet for each state listing what I thought was important information: statehood, famous people, fun things to do, etc... . On the upper right hand side of the page is a block for the child to glue a map of the state. On the bottom of the page are three blocks for the child to glue pictures of the state bird, flower and flag. I found a great US state flag poster at the local School Box store for $1.50 and the kids are just cutting out those flags and gluing them on to the page. For the bird and flower pictures, I used the web site 50states : http://www.50states.com/us.htm

My plan is to have the kids glue the postcards that we have received from Postcardkids onto the facing page. While I was trying to figure out what to do with the states that we have not received postcards from, I decided to order free travel guides from the various states' tourism departments. I became addicted and ended up getting one from every state! Kids love mail, right? Besides getting the travel guide, we also are getting a free state road map. To find the travel guides, I just Googled "State Name Tourism". Here are a few of the sites I found:http://www.wyomingtourism.org/overview/Free-Wyoming-Vacation-Packet/61846

I figure that the kids can look through the guides and cut out the pictures that they like and glue them on the page with the postcard.

I also thought that it would be fun to include recipes from the different states. On the Yahoo Group, there is a file of different recipes from each state.

While looking for things to do related to US Geography, I stumbled on quite a few interesting sites. Maybe this can help anyone else narrow their search.

Hopefully, this will prove to be a fun and interesting way for the kids to learn geography. Who knows- maybe will will conquer the world next year!