Sunday, January 17, 2010

Epcot Lapbook

In my house, we are a little Mickey crazy!:) I grew up in Florida and although my parents did not have much money, I went to Disney with my summer daycare just about every summer. Of course, I think it was a lot cheaper back in those days. My last summer was the first year that Epcot was open, and I really did not like it. It was too educational for my young tastes!:) I have never been back to Epcot.

Now that I am a parent and we are looking at going to Disney, I really want to see Epcot again. I know that a lot has changed of the last twenty-five years and I want to see it all! Of course, I cannot miss and opportunity to hijack a vacation with a little education!:) I create a very basic lap book to proceed our visit to Epcot.

Since we are focusing on World Geography at our co-op. I decided to focus on that aspect of Epcot. I looked at the Disney web site and read through each country description of the World Showcase. I tried to highlight some of the aspects of each country that I could investigate with the kids before we arrive. My hope is that by familiarizing the kids with these things ahead of time, they will recognize them when we are in Epcot and the experience will be more educationally meaningful for them. If they can see past Mickey's big ears!:)

Here is the original post that I did on my Walt Disney World Lap book that we did last year. It has a lot more of the basics for Disney. I also have a number of great links for information about Disney World. Also, Crayola has a great site for coloring pages. That is where I copied off the country pages for this lapbook.

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Sonia said...

OH goodness!! Epcot is my FAVORITE Diney park. :-) Very nicely done. I would suggest when you go there to make up a passport book for the kids to have stamped at each of the countries. They have a Kidcot area for kids in each country. They make masks (or at least they used to) to take around to each country where they add something from that country to the mask...including a stamp. I made one for my kids at Christmas and everyone was asking me where I bought it. I could have made a killing selling them. :-) ha ha But my kids loved it, and it was a whole lot smaller to carry around than the big awkward mask that was going to be thrown out when we got home anyway. :-)