Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walt Disney World Lapbook

Our family is going on vacation to the "happiest place on earth": so me, being me, wanted to squeeze every bit of possible learning out of the trip. I decided to do a lapbook that focused on Walt Disney the person and Disney World the place. I used my old favorite: homeschoolhelper for the templates and I just surfed the web to see what information was out there.

I found this great little site with all kids of printable coloring pages and other gems:http://disney-stationary.com/coloring-book/Disneyland-DisneyWorld.php. I used things from this site to make our cover and the books (on the different parks) on the last page of the lapbook.

I used some of the information that I found on the sites listed below as a basis for my books. I made a book for each of the following topics: the life of Walt Disney, Disney Timeline, Quotes from Walt Disney, The World's Fair and Walt Disney, Animation, the History of Walt Disney World, the different parks in Disney World, and Disney Facts.

I also had the kids make a flip book from this these sites so that they could see how animation works ( at least before computers!).

On the next section of the lapbook I have a book on Disney Technology and one on Disney Movie making.

Finally, the last section is where we have books on each of the four parks at Disney World: Animal Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom. My idea is that after we get all of our pictures developed, the kids will put their favorite memories in the corresponding books.

It was a lot of fun putting it together and I hope that it will be helpful for others. I also found some great printable coloring pages with Mickey and the gang that would be fun to color in the car on the way there:http://coloringpages.nick-magic.com/mickeymouse.html.


Anonymous said...

Love it! Have a blast at DW.

Blessed Mama said...

Wow..what timing. I just searched for Disney World lapbooks and you posted this YESTERDAY!! Thanks so much, I am using your ideas to do our own Disney lapbook! Thanks again..and great blog!

Anonymous said...

I love your Disney lapbook. What a great idea! I hope to be able to take my kids to Disney one year. Thanks for the ideas!