Monday, March 16, 2009

Great Freebies for St. Patrick's Day

1. Shamrocks and Shillelaghs includes background information on St. Patrick, shamrocks, shillelaghs, the Blarney Stone, familiar Irish songs, as well as pages of materials that can be used in your studies.

2. There is a biography of Patrick that is rich and engaging, rare illustrations for study and learning, a recipe for real Irish soda bread and an essay you and your children won't want to miss, entitled, "The Real St. Patrick".
What's inside:
The Real St. Patrick: An essay by Charles Mack
St. Patrick, A biography from Our Island Saints
Picture Study: Three In One
Picture Study: St. Patrick Expels the Snakes
Mapwork: Map of Ireland
Recipe: Irish Soda Bread
Copywork: St. Patrick's Breastplate

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