Monday, March 30, 2009

Explorers Lapbook

I decided to create this lapbook for my kids to do over the summer. I found this great book at the library called Look it up Explorers, and I used it as the basis for my lapbook. I decided to divide the section into the Americas, Africa/Asia/Australia, and Artic/Antarctic.

For each section I made small matchbooks with different explorers on each one. I made my list of explorers using the book above. My intention is for my kids to read the section on each explorer and write important facts about them in the matchbook. Also, for each section I mad a fold up book with a map of their region inside. My plan is to have the kids track the voyages of each explorer in a different color.

As a second thought (and because I had extra room), I decided to include small books on different related topics. For example, with the Americas section I included books on the Incas and Aztecs, Sacajawea, and Scurvy. For Africa, Asia, and Australia I made small books on The Crusades, The Nile River, Confucianism, Buddhism, Easter Island, and The Great Wall of China. For the Artic/Antarctic I included books on Icebergs, Inuit People, Penguins, and Dog Sleds.

The lapbook is not tremendously in depth but for summer work it will do just fine for us. I hope you enjoy.

To help me make this book I used the homeschoolshare site because they have a wide variety of lapbook templates and Google Images. Sorry all of my pictures are sideways!:)


Katie said...

What fantastic lapbooks! I love the artist and explorer ones. Would you mind sharing where you got the images for the matchbooks for the artists and explorers? I know you mentioned homeschoolshare. Thanks for the info!
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2walkwisely said...

I used Google Images for the pictures on the matchbooks. I am glad that you liked the books!:)