Thursday, November 20, 2008


In September I decided to get out the birdfeeder and hang it outside of our school room window. What a show we had from all of the different birds!
My kids really enjoyed seeing all of the different birds that would come to visit. There were so many, I could barely keep up with replacing the feed. One day my kids were excitedly trying to identify the different birds and I decided to jump on this "teachable moment" and have them create a bird lapbook. I had them use our Usborne Bird book to identify as many birds as they could (10) and then I found a great site that had different bird coloring pages-

My kids spent HOURS coloring those pages. After they were done we compiled this book- one for each of them. Whenever they saw a bird outside the window they would grab their book and try to see which one it was. It was great fun! This book belongs to kid #1.

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