Monday, November 17, 2008

Lapbooks, lapbooks- Oh My!

Yes, another one! That kind of sounds like what my kids say to me when I start getting lapbook materials out!:)
This is a fun one that we did when we went to Chicago this year. I was trying to find something "educational " to do with the kids while we went to a family reunion. I posted a question on a lapbooking Yahoo group that I belong to and someone had the idea of giving the kids disposable cameras to record the trip from their perspective. I thought that it was a great idea. I bought three disposable cameras and the kids were thrilled with the idea.

Overall the kids did a great job taking pictures, but #3 (the youngest) took a lot of pictures of the rental car! Not scrapbook material for sure. When we got home, I took the cameras to Walgreens for developing, and that was an education in itself. It was funny that my kids had not ever had pictures developed from a camera with roll film. Boy, I felt old!
When we got the pictures back, we spent an entire morning putting it all together. We saved all of the ticket stubs, etc... from every where we went during the trip. The kids laid all of their pictures and souveniers out and put them into piles based on which day we did them. Then we did the layout for Day One then Day Two, etc... They were very proud of the finished product. Here is an example from #2's lapbook.

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