Friday, November 14, 2008

Why vote in GA's Run-off

If you live in GA, the most important vote of your life was not last week. In fact, you have the opportunity to make that vote your least important of the last half of 2008.

First, a word about pres-elect Obama. I did not vote for him but I am not a fear monger. I hope and pray that he will be a good president. There is good that can come from his presidency. Just one example.... we have a black man married to the mother of his children in the highest office. Surely, this will have a positive effect on young black men in America who today look to rappers who, overall, live a lifestyle terribly destructive to the family.

So, I can see the oportunity for good. Maybe you think he will be awsome; but do you have the confidence to give him the greatest political power in our life time? That is what Jim Martin's election would do. The Dems will have the presidency, a significant majority in the house and a significant majority in the Senate. That has been decided. But there is a huge difference in what they can accomplished with a 60 seat majority vs. a 59 seat majority in the senate.

Usually states vote for their open seats all on the same day, so no citizen knows if their particular vote will be this important. No one could have know for sure on November 2nd who would be elected President or how many seats each party would have. But in this once in a lifetime situation, we in GA will decide for the rest of the country if there will be one party rule where some of the truely bad guys like Harry Reid and Nancy P will have an unstoppable super majority.

Look, I do like Saxby but even if I did not and if Jim Martin was a great guy who I went to church with, I would still vote for Saxby in this particular election. The 60 seat majority issue is just too important.

So that is why, for the 1st time in my life, I signed up to be a volunteer in an election. As of about 3 hrs ago, I am part of the Saxby re-election team.

I would appreciate your thoughts and would encourage everyone, please vote early or either fill up your car with as many legal voters as possible on December 2nd and go vote for Saxby. If you live in GA, this is the most important political vote you have ever had the opportunity to cast.

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